Trisquel 2.1 release

Today we announce the release of the 2.1 version of Trisquel GNU/Linux in its three editions, including, for the first time, the education-oriented branch along with the domestic and enterprise ones. From this release on, the three editions include the linux-libre kernel, and lots of small improvements have been made to improve the user experience and other aspects such as security and performance.

All these upgrades can be applied over an existing installation using the automated update system.


2.1 Version

The common changes applied to all three branches include a new default typography, an improved Galician language corrector, VPN support and more than 200 updates and corrections.

Trisquel Edu gets to its first official supported version, with new educational packages, thin client and classroom integration, and the automated network installation system that greatly minimizes the fuss of full scale migrations.

The accounting and invoicing suite Abanq included in Trisquel Pro has been updated as well to the 2.3 edition, including lots of improvements and better adaptation to current accounting rules, and a client for Active Directory has been integrated in the distro.

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