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Forum TopicIs better to compile or PPA? Jaume4vor 5 Jahre 13 Wochen
Forum TopicBits from the sysadmin aklis1vor 5 Jahre 13 Wochen
Forum TopicWhen is the community repo going live? Would like to see some packages added. t3g3vor 5 Jahre 13 Wochen
Issue[GFSD Issue] Possible bad relation between proprietary software and text-to-speech GNOME packages. anonymous19vor 5 Jahre 18 Wochen
IssueTrisquel Live asks for login and password dkharma9vor 5 Jahre 24 Wochen
Issueunknown-horizons - broken dependency fabio5vor 5 Jahre 37 Wochen
Issue[Packaging Request] chromium-browser aklis8vor 5 Jahre 50 Wochen
Issueapt-mirror needs repacking Ark745vor 6 Jahre 13 Wochen
Issueno se puede instalar un servidor de terminales ligeras quiliro16vor 6 Jahre 13 Wochen
Issue[GFSD Issue] Handbrake uses non-free FAAC for AAC encoding aloniv9vor 6 Jahre 14 Wochen
IssueCan't install unity cco34vor 6 Jahre 46 Wochen
Issue[GFSD Issue] Package unknown-horizons has Incomplete Copyright File lembas7vor 7 Jahre 7 Wochen
Issue[GFSD Issue] Configurador de impresoras ofrece instalación de software propietario HPLIP (HPLIP recommends non-free software) flop16vor 7 Jahre 7 Wochen
Issuepackage holotz-castle advertises non-free games lembas6vor 7 Jahre 16 Wochen
Issue[Packaging Request] openproj Trisquel4vor 7 Jahre 23 Wochen
IssueThe package w3c-markup-validator cound not be installed (or upgraded). ivaylo6vor 7 Jahre 24 Wochen
IssueBrowse doesn't start icarito9vor 7 Jahre 24 Wochen
IssuePackage Omaque won't run lembas3vor 7 Jahre 25 Wochen
Issuepackage kubuntu-notification-helper suggests non-free package.. grvrulz5vor 7 Jahre 25 Wochen
Issuesimutrans and simutrans-data are under non-free license bitf11vor 7 Jahre 26 Wochen
IssueTrisquel-mini is forgetting desktop settings Mampir4vor 7 Jahre 29 Wochen
IssueTatan 1.0 - License Not Found marcooliva15vor 7 Jahre 34 Wochen
IssueInclude openoffice math in default install jorgejbe2vor 7 Jahre 42 Wochen
IssueMake Amarok 1.4 available Psyber.Netik2vor 7 Jahre 45 Wochen
Issuepostgresql warning about unknown distribution aklis1vor 7 Jahre 49 Wochen