Web Browser

This is the support and resources repository for the Trisquel web browser, an unbranded Mozilla based browser that never recommends non-free software.


This is a list of libre extensions, themes and translations for the browser. It is a work in progress, we need volunteers to add content to the list. If you want to help, please ask in the forums/mailing lists.
Namesort icon Description Screenshots Tags
Permit Cookies Allows the user to adjust control of all cookies for a website. Cookies
Perseus Protects data sent over HTTP protocol. Botnets, http, Malware, Protection
Persian dictionary Dictionary, persian, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking, فارسی
Personal Menu (Personal Firefox Button) Bring back your personal and powerful Firefox Button! app button, app menu, appbutton, appmenu, button, classic, compact, custom, customize, firefox button, firefox menu, Menu, menu bar, menubar, toolbar
Personas Expression Adds a lot of customizable visual styles to Personas themes, letting you design your browser more completely. Click the icon on statusbar to show the Personas Expression sidebar. You can customize... customize, persona, Personas, skin, skins, theme, themes
Personas Plus Free, easy-to-install "skins" for Firefox. Choose from over tens of thousands of artistic designs. Join millions of people from around the world who are asking themselves: "What Will My Browser Wear... persona, skin, theme
Personas Rotator Rotates between different personas. Personas
Phoenity Aura Sleek and simple icons. icons, simple, sleek
Phzilla Routes traffic through a proxy to increase anonymity. anonymity, Proxy
Pinguin A penguin theme. animals, blue, nature, penguins, winter
Pink-bee A pink theme for a better browser, with nice bees, which should appeal to children. animals, bees, children, cute, kids, nature
PinkHope A very pink theme to spread breast cancer awareness. breast cancer, pink
PitchDark Dark-colored minimalistic theme with emphasis on visibility, usability and maximum screen real estate. black, dark, minimalistic, simple
Pixel Perfect Overlay a composition over existing HTML. firebug
Plain Text Links When a user types a plain text link (e.g. www.trisquel.info) allows the user to open the plain text into a new link. links
PlasmaNotify Show Firefox notifications as KDE4 Plasma notifications, so the browser integrates better with KDE4. kde, KDE4, plasma notifications
Polish dictionary Dictionary, polish, polski, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
Portuguese (Brazilian) dictionary Dictionary, português (do brasil), portuguese, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
Portuguese (Brazilian) language pack langpack, language pack, português (do brasil), portuguese
Portuguese (Portugal) dictionary Dictionary, português (europeu), protuguese, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
Prefswitch Adds preferences switches to taskbar Preferences
PrevNextArrows Creates "previous" and "next" arrows when viewing photo galleries. Galleries, Navigation, photos
Print Edit Allows editing of web page content while in Print Preview mode, prior to printing or saving as HTML or PDF. Compacts the layout and removes unwanted content such as adverts, sidebars and blank pages... edit, html, PDF, print
Print pages to PDF This addon allow us to save any web page as a PDF file with the particularity that it offers the possibility to keep links untouched in the final PDF. html, PDF, save to pdf, webpage
Print/Print Preview Changes the browser "print" to a "print/print preview" option. Printing