Web Browser

This is the support and resources repository for the Trisquel web browser, an unbranded Mozilla based browser that never recommends non-free software.


This is a list of libre extensions, themes and translations for the browser. It is a work in progress, we need volunteers to add content to the list. If you want to help, please ask in the forums/mailing lists.
Namesort icon Description Screenshots Tags
BarTab Keeps unused tabs unloaded. This is especially useful for users who load lots of tabs at once. Only tabs that are in use will be loaded thus saving memory. This extension is not compatible with... bartab, efficiency, Loading, Memory, tab, Tabs
BBB Blue Bear Baby A cutesy "Bear" theme, mainly blue. animals, bears, blue, children, cute, kids
Beef Taco Sets permanent opt-out cookies to stop behavioral advertising for 100+ different advertising networks, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, all members of the Network Advertising Initiative, and many... advertising, behavior, blocking, Cookies, optout, privacy, security
Belarusian dictionary Беларускі слоўнік для праверкі правапісу belarusian, Dictionary, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking, Беларуская
Belgium eID Use the Belgian electronic identity card (eID) in Firefox. In addition to this add-on, the eID middleware should also be installed on your computer: download the middleware for your operating system... Privacy & Security
Better Flickr Enhance Flickr with a compilation of useful Greasemonkey scripts. Add useful extra features to Flickr, like rich text edit controls, short URLs to photos, instant zoom and more. Better Flickr... Flickr, photos
Better Gmail 2 Add useful extra features to Gmail, like hierarchical labels, an unread message icon on your browser tab, file attachment icons, and more. Add useful extra features to Gmail, like hierarchical... e-mail, Email, Gmail, Google, webmail
Better iGoogle! Take control of your iGoogle page! This extension GREATLY improves the RSS feeds on your iGoogle page, making them look better, giving summaries on hover, and allowing you to mark feeds as "read" so... iGoogle, RSS
Better YouTube A compilation of some of the best Greasemonkey user scripts for YouTube in one interface. Enhances YouTube with Greasemonkey user scripts, that offer options like the FlowPlayer "doesn't start till... video, youtube
Black Steel A dark metallic theme. black, dark, metallic, modern, steel
Blender This addon sets various preferences to fake to be the most common. It fakes: * the operating system to be Windows 7 64-bit * Firefox to be version 19 * the language to be English *... privacy, User Agent, useragent
Bluhell Firewall Get a faster browsing experience by blocking nasty web resources using Bluhell Firewall, the lightweight Ad-Blocker and Tracking/Privacy Protector. ad, ads, advert, block, blocker, firewall, privacy, protector, restartless
Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner Bookmark Duplicate Cleaner is a Firefox extension that allows you to easily find and remove bookmarks that occur in several places. bookmark, Bookmarks, cleaning, duplicates, maintenance
Brief A lightweight RSS reader. Designed to have exactly the right set of features, it is powerful and simple at the same time. Feeds are presented on a seamless, interactive page which let's you bookmark... feed reader, feeds, RSS Reader
bug489729 (Disable detach and tear off tab) Never again accidentally tear a tab to a new window. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=489729 Tabs, window management, Windows
Cache Status Easily manage your cache status from your statusbar. This add-on gives you up-to-date information on your browser's cache usage, both RAM and the hard drive. Also has a right-click context menu,... cache, ram, status bar, statusbar
CanvasBlocker This add-on allows users to prevent websites from using the Javascript <canvas> API to fingerprint them. Users can choose to block the <canvas> API entirely on some or all websites (which... browser fingerprinting, canvas, fingerprinting, privacy
Ĉapelisto Ĉapelisto converts webpages written in Esperanto from "ikso-sistemo" to tradicional Esperanto alphabet ("Cxapelisto" to "Ĉapelisto"). --- Ĉapelisto konvertas aŭtomate retpaĝojn el la ikso-sistemo al... esperanto
Cert Viewer Plus Certificate viewer enhancements: PEM format view, file export, trust configuration Extends the certificate viewer dialog with additional options: an X.509 certificate can be displayed in PEM format (... Certificates
Certificate Patrol Your browser trusts many certification authorities and intermediate sub-authorities quietly, every time you enter an HTTPS web site. This add-on reveals when certificates are updated, so you can... certificate, certification authority, encryption, HTTPS, issuer, man in the middle, mitm, privacy, security, ssl, tls, x509
ChatZilla A clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. ChatZilla provides all the usual IRC client features: multiple servers, a built-in list of standard networks, easy... application, chat, chatzilla, IRC, irc chat, zilla
CheckFox This enables quick check/uncheck of checkboxes. To use, select area of page with checkbox(es), and then right-click. You should see Check and/or Uncheck depending on the clicked or unclicked state of... checkbox, Checkboxes, Toggleboxes
Classic Compact A very compact & highly customizable theme that minimizes space consumed by menu & tool bars without hurting the overall usability. Supports Windows, Mac & Linux. compact, OS Integration
Classic Compact Options This add-on allows one to customize the theme "Classic Compact". Options include: 10 different toolbar button sets; turning off gradient backgrounds; OS scrollbars; dark system color support; merging... Appearance, Tabs
Classic Theme Restorer (Customize Australis) Restore squared tabs, appmenu, add-ons bar, small button view and more on Australis UI (Trisquel's Abrowser 29+). It is recommended to switch to a new clean profile (or at least delete 'localstore.... Australis, classic, customize, old, theme