Do you have XMPP or Matrix?

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Hello, Trisquel friends! Do you have XMPP or Matrix? Let's chat.

My XMPP: name at domain
My Matrix: name at domain

Lately, thanks to Mastodon, I made friends with many people from our Free Software Community at XMPP and then at Matrix they are so kindhearted. Today, I use Movim ( as my XMPP client and Schildi ( as my Matrix client and they both support E2EE as well as voice-video calls. On Trisquel, you could install and use Gajim or Quaternion respectively. I hope we can be friends!

Sincerely yours,


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XMPP: purplesky [at]
Matrix: purplesky [at]

Sorry, apparently I could not edit my above post.


I am a member!

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I use XMPP. Email me for the address and tell me what yours is. I get a lot of spam and need to know who is an actual chatter.
Caleb Herbert

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Matrix: @
XMPP: publiclewdness @
Session: 0599c5a84532e88e2f1dbc0a45e827f60111e99aa433ac6c9e9ab05cc0cf734605

I use Nheko for Matrix and Gajim for XMPP. Only exceptions is on my /E/ OS phone where I use FluffyChat for Matrix and Conversations for XMPP.

I edited this comment to add my Session id as well. Session is a decent program and as far as security and privacy goes checks a lot of boxes.