Fwd: Trisquel Flidas net install seems broken

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Zelphir Kaltstahl
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Just forwarding my e-mail from a few weeks ago.

Note: No help is needed any longer, because I managed to install
Trisquel in another way, without the net install, but with starting
Trisquel and then installing from inside the running distro.

Just thought, anyone might is interested in one of the installation
options not working at all.

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Subject: Trisquel Flidas net install seems broken
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2019 01:05:14 +0100
From: Zelphir Kaltstahl <name at domain>
To: name at domain

Hi Trisquel Users!

(I am not sure whether this is the correct mailing list, or I should use
the devel mailing list for this issue.)

I am trying to install Trisquel 8 as downloaded today from the Trisquel
website on a Libreboot Lenovo X200. I downloaded the "2.5GB Live DVD iso
image" iso from the website. To install on my X200, I am following this


However, the net install of Trisquel seems broken. Every time it wants
to detect my disks, it complains, that loading of libc6-udeb failed for
unknown reason.

I was able to find the following Debian bug:


So I am thinking it has to do with the distribution being broken. All
other steps until that point work without problem.

As it stands, I seem to be unable to install Trisquel on my recently
bought X200 and cannot use the machine, as it does not have an OS installed.

I will try with the Trisquel Mini iso in the meantime and will know in a
few minutes, whether that works or is also broken.

Can you help me work around this problem? (Please reply to my e-mail
address, as I just subscribed to the mailing list and might not yet get
general e-mails from it.)

Thanks for any help,


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Yes it has been broken since February: https://trisquel.info/en/issues/25533