How about we send a mail to the fsf, Trisquel could use some help.

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Here's the letter I'll be sending:

Dear FSF,

For the past year I've been an associate member, because I believe in being able to run free. The program I chose was Trisquel, after testing it in a VM. I was very happy.

During the past year, I went to the Trisquel forum, and the IRC channel. The Trisquel community is wonderful.

Sometimes, mostly in the forum, I'd see some unhappy people though; who say Trisuel hasn't been upgraded in awhile. Concerns about security, including for IceCat, made my heart ache. Thankfully someone in another group posted about a serious problem with the kernel, and someone there guided me to update it.

As someone who loves Trisquel, and wants to stick with it, I am also deeply concerned. We realize Mr. Rodrigez is very busy, but he should be devoting more time to Trisquel. In the Trisquel forum I read that he's got too many things to do, which take away from his time to work on it.

It seems unrealistic to expect one person to be able to handle so many things, as well as having enough time to focus on a program as wonderful as Trisquel.

I thought working on Trisquel was Ruben's main job. There have been a few suggestions at the forum on how help get Trisquel upgraded, and I've seen a few of the letters, which they have already sent to you. They very much want to help, and so do I.

Some have switched to other distros; it would be very sad if I have to leave Trisquel, too, because it isn't getting the attention it needs.

We want to know that Trisquel will be around for many years to come, that it will always be as accessible and secure as possible, and we're willing to work together to make it happen.



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Sent. :)

Thanks to those who gave me the +.

I love Trisquel, and this community. :D


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hehehe, another + for you then :)
we love you too misty misty X_X

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So, did anyone get a response? I've heard nothing...

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What has happened to this topic? Will it improve after trisquel 8?
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If by "improve after Trisquel 8" you mean the situation we're worried about, it already has. Although I don't think the FSF has started funding Trisquel, meaning we didn't get quite what we wanted, the main problem was that Ruben hadn't been regularly updating us on the state of development. He seems to have started informing us again though, so things look stable for now. We'll just have to wait and see, but I don't think there's any reason to worry about Trisquel 8 collapsing just yet.