Mozilla winding down sponsored tiles in Firefox to counter bad publicity

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I seriously have no problem with the ad tiles. They help fund the development of Firefox (and in turn, Iceweasel and Icecat.)
Besides, you only see the tiles once if you disable them-- it takes two clicks, literately. If anything, I'm sad that Mozilla's got one less source of money.

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Now get rid of EME and Pocket!

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It's not a bad thing to earn money with free software.
Firefox is the basis for both abrowser/icecat, and it's the only major browser that is free.
What's the problem with firefox showing some adds?
As long as they respect my privacy, i don't mind.
Quite the opposite: I'm glad that a free software project found a way to earn some cash - a difficult but important task, as we all know.


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How about disabling the third party cookies as the next integrated new feature in FF? Not to mention the ton of other useless crap that is enabled or erroneously disabled by default..

This takes care of most of the privacy issues with which the browser is riddled with ->