Trisquel 7.0 LTS reviews

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The comments on those articles are interesting, get to see some of the back lash towards the distro and the Freedoms aspect.

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I think most people find it oppressive and taking away freedom because they just bought a device at the store and it doesn't work. Also consider that this store only carries devices that may not work with a libre kernel and instead forces that user to do heavy research on why their device doesn't work and to buy it online from a site like Think Penguin which may be more expensive than the one from the store.

Or the average consumer goes back to using Windows or a Mac because it "just works"

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Finally made the complete jump to Trisquel (7.0-Mini). Longtime Windows user, then made the switch to Ubuntu, hated Unity and Ubuntu spyware, so switched to Debian Stable (Wheezy) XFCE-LXDE-net install with Openbox, then played around with Crunchbang Linux (Debian optimized for Openbox), and after watching Trisquel for the last 1.5 years, decided to commit fully to FSF only. :)

Very pleased with 7.0 so far. Only problem I have encountered is not being able to use VirtualBox which I have used for several years and did become quite dependant on it, albeit only for a tax program that only runs under Windows. Recently set up KVM but Windows is running much slower in KVM then it did under VirtualBox, also cannot figure out how to set file sharing or folder sharing permissions, which was accomplished under non-free add on for VirtualBox.

A suggestion, would be to consider XFE as a default file manager as it is very powerful, full of features (contains an editor, picture viewer, package program similar to Deb) etc.. Not sure if that would be problematic, however, since PCManFM is such a core program of LXDE.

Recent version of IceCat was a factor in the switch to Trisquel as well.

Very Very Pleased!

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Try GNOME Boxes (if it's in the repos)!

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