Vincent Willem van Gogh

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This includes usual my experiment slightly but is for especially people who like drawing so please let me excuse just to make sure there is no thing which you see interesting if you don't have interest in drawing and linguistics, maybe.

That experiment or ptactice means, for the maybe simplest example, "I am not talking about your manner.".
I have been trying to devise that equality which Monsieur Godard has achieved in the movie by using things such as free indirect speech in many posts. It could be an excuse for my typographical errors but actually they are estimated as under 20 to 30% or the other way around, I wish.
In the example, you cannot tell whom I am talking to but note that I don't do them by calculation or on purpose blatantly so it is almost the reverse of mathematics so including proggraming but when you write a program on revolution of the proper point of the flow (like trisquel?) with your bloomed original talent, you would be doing the same thing out of calculation but with it at the same time. In short, maybe it is like a thing that when Matisse was going to draw a tree, but he actually drew the different thing on the canvas, as far as I know. If he lets me have a slight disagreement with Bakhtin, it is not that a mixed form is not the matter, it is that a mixed form is also the matter about free indirect speech. Clearly Godard piles positions and colours or letters etc to achieve the purpose but he doesn't mix those matters of course. If you mix blue and yellow, it becomes green so it is mixed but it doesn't devise that equality. Because it is impossible to mix one being and another being physically unlike the blue and the yellow. So not so, you have to create blue of green and yellow of green to pile those actual things which is supposed to be essentials.
Also, Van Gogh's touch is supported by mixed colours essentially, even if they are not generally totally mixed and certain textures and thickness seem to be more important. Godard surely looks like a mathematician since his accurate maps, Van Goch surely is much more animal so there is an almost opposite difference in style but perhaps we have the common base which we have to create a caluculated purpose or intention first then protruded original ideas must be constructed on the base. At that time, Matisse draws a thing which is not the tree. Then the base is supported by skill. I learned good or bad is not a matter, I did it! is a matter, but I am not sure yet. I feel a slight objection in my mind.

I expect some objections about my thought mainly to free direct speech from the view point of computer languages. I would appreciate it if you could teach me about compter languages from the view point of linguistics. For example, it seems that English language tend to let a signifiant have several meanings much more than Japanese language. I guess it confuses google translation very much. I am afraid that I say this again but I am interested in how freedom itself relates to computers rather than the freedom of a computer. It would seem to be a matter of micro and macro. And also science and philosophy must be separated into certain points in my opinion. As one of the reasons, if a word is signified a single meaning, it would not bother translation programs. As another of the reasons, English language (possibly Indo-European languages) clearly have strong advantages of free indirect speech.

Masaru Suzuqi
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I doubt if Van Gogh really died at that time.
From Teo's letter, it seems after a painter's death, suddenly the works are rated high then the price rising is not a rare matter even then.
This is a curious story. Don't you think why art dealers did not rate those works high before the death? Then after the death, why do they suddenly rate them as high?
Neither after death nor before death, basically what was painted does not make any difference. Only the story is added to the works. He died at 37.

Even if anyone says anything, this is murder.

In a famous short letter of Freud to Einstein, he has explained and summarized excellently eros and thanatos. I don't know other such a great writing which summarizes such a complicated thought extremely shortly.
The subject is thanatos. The desire to kill somebody and itself.
These are life's inherent natures. Nobody would be able to disable those but physically.
I think dualistic thought is very childish because most matters are not such simple (and it becomes a good excuse to fight easily) but eros and thanatos seem one of the few perfect examples of dualism. Actually it should be trialism, though. Because birth and death are the base of the idea.
I feel the balance of it in a being also keeps changing, even if whichever is superior inherently or temporarily.

Even if anyone says anything, that is murder. Even if Van Gogh didn't die at that time.

Now. If he had not died then, what would he do? He seems to have a quick temper.
But at the same time, very clever. How would those art dealers have treated them?
I don't think they had decent eyes. But they would feel something from their aura.
When they heard of his death, joy must have filled their thanatos. Then they wait a next victim. They cannot forget that taste. Even if they have serious brain damage.
It would appear as aphasia first. They cannot remember. I would like to listen a personal experience about this matter, if you don't mind. If you are young, good-looking, good at anything, in short, are very popular with girls, you would have to be careful. You are an ideal being to fill their thanatos with your unintended-death.

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Lesson 31. I made a minimum model of kensho. Left one is a low-skilled round.
The center one is a kensho-ed round, or rather, a ball. The right is a imo Goch-ed one, plus my temporary idea.
Please let me tell something to someones, later. Since the error, the photo might be upside down.

Masaru Suzuqi
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And it seems that the resolution of Play Station 3 cannot express the kensho world but PS4 can express it.
But it is curious that I have seen even PSP do express it. I have heard that the resolution of PSP is almost equal to PS2. So it is a matter of accuracy and mystery. This sort of things explain the line between science and philosophy.
Or it might be the line between the Western philosophy and the Southern and the Easten philosophies. Writing, dancing and circular breathing, yoga and zen. And surfing. There is the most modern Eastern style philosophy in the far West. Is it true that there is not the Pacific Ocean on the map used in Europe?