Trisquel 4.5.1 update release, now with Mini and Netinstall editions

After more than ten thousand direct downloads since the 4.5 release two months ago, we now publish an incremental update including all the security and bugfix upgrades applied to date, while also expanding the edition set with Mini and Netinstall flavours.

Some of the improvements include better support for software RAID and 3G modems, fixed clients for online video streaming, support for Atheros USB-802.11N cards, and many other updates and security patches.

The Mini edition is an incremental update on the original 4.0 version, with most of the changes being bugfixes and cosmetic improvements. The Netinstall image -which for now on will be released with every Trisquel version- allows for customized installation -from minimal command line interface systems, to several desktop or server configurations-, and with advanced features like LVM, RAID or full disk encryption among many others.

If you are using 4.5 and you have all the updates applied then you are set, there is no need to reinstall.

Wed, 05/25/2011 - 00:42

Nice work! I think the 10 thousand download is another call for celebration!