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Forum TopicSeason's Greetings....!! lap4fsf05 years 38 weeks ago
Issue[GFSD] Legal notice of 'Online Accounts' violates documentation guidelines( for Free Distributions) by FSF. lap4fsf05 years 39 weeks ago
Forum TopicDoes Trisquel come with GCC pre-installed? lap4fsf165 years 39 weeks ago
IssueDuckDuckGo search in IceCat suggesting to search in Google or Bing lap4fsf15 years 39 weeks ago
Forum TopicCompatibility issue of GNU Octave with QtOctave in T7 lap4fsf05 years 42 weeks ago
Issue[GFSD] Google Docs and SkyDrive online services to 'documents' program is against free Software spirit lap4fsf15 years 43 weeks ago
Forum TopicMounting USB devices titi185 years 44 weeks ago
Forum TopicPossible Memory Leak? alucardx45 years 44 weeks ago
Issueapt-get update suggests leaking memory lap4fsf25 years 45 weeks ago
Forum TopicAvailability of ThinkPenguin in India lap4fsf15 years 45 weeks ago
IssueOutdated Wine packages in repository that could make Trisquel vulnerable lap4fsf95 years 45 weeks ago
Forum TopicTrisquel seems to having a lot of orphanaged packages, sepecially after a fresh install. lap4fsf95 years 46 weeks ago
Forum TopicWhy GNUIceCat does not have DuckDuckGo (SSL) lap4fsf05 years 46 weeks ago
IssueRegarding inclusion of Indian currency (₹) among the 'currency' option in 'Donate' page. lap4fsf05 years 48 weeks ago
Forum TopicHelp request for making a donation. lap4fsf95 years 48 weeks ago
IssueAdd-ons encouraging non-free audio formats and iTune store URLs detected in Abrowser lap4fsf85 years 48 weeks ago
Issue[GFSD] Totem contains an exception to allow the use of proprietary GStreamer plugins, violating GSFD guidelines. lap4fsf55 years 48 weeks ago
Forum TopicFree hardware and open source and hp printers? tonlee65 years 48 weeks ago
IssueNo provision to upload the user's profile photo from User Settings in Trisquel 6.0.1 lap4fsf15 years 49 weeks ago
IssueUpdate Manager non-responsive after selecting a security update lap4fsf25 years 49 weeks ago
IssueWebsite not rendering correctly in Abrowser 32.0.3 and no provision to Add/Remove photo in User Accounts lap4fsf25 years 49 weeks ago