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This is the support and resources repository for the Trisquel web browser, an unbranded Mozilla based browser that never recommends non-free software.


Esta es una lista de extensiones, temas y traducciones libres para el navegador. Es un trabajo en progreso, necesitamos voluntarios para añadir contenido a la lista. Si quieres ayudar, pregunta en los foros/listas de correo.
Nombre Descripción Screenshots Etiquetas
Firebug Firebug se integra con el navegador para poner un conjunto de herramientas de desarrollo a tus manos mientras navegas. Puedes editar, corregir, y ver CSS, HTML y Javascript en tiempo real en... code, css, developer, firebug, html, javascript, source
Fireclam Use ClamAV to scan Firefox downloads for viruses. Every download will automatically be scanned in the background. An alert message is shown if a virus is found. Requires clamav to work. antivirus, clam, clamav, fireclam
FireFTP Cliente FTP que proporciona un acceso fácil e intuitivo a los servidores FTP. ftp
FireGloves A Firefox plugin to impede fingerprinting-based tracking while maintaining browsing experience. FireGloves is no longer being updated. This text is from their website. The current version of... browser fingerprinting, fingerprinting, online tracking, tracking
Flash OnOff Power Flash (or Gnash, or Lightspark) On or Off with the press of a button. Flash, gnash, lightspark
FlashGot Descarga un enlace, los enlaces seleccionados o todos los enlaces de una página juntos a la máxima velocidad con un solo clic, usando los administradores de descargas externos más populares, ligeros... download manager, gestor de descargas
FlashGot Mass Downloader Download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click, using the most popular, lightweight and reliable external download managers. Download one link,... download, download manager, downloader, Flash, flv, movies, mp3, multimedia, music, speed, video, vimeo, youtube
FlashVideoReplacer Remueve el reproductor flash del sitios como youtube y vimeo, y los remplaza con totem o vlc. Ver también ¿Qué está mal con Adobe Flash? . FlashVideoReplacer
FlashVideoReplacer Replace embedded flash videos and display them with a different plugin or standalone player, download or automatically redirect to WebM player when available. download, flash, flashblock, metacafe, streaming, video, vimeo, webm, youtube
FoxyProxy Standard FoxyProxy es una extensión Firefox que cambia entre uno o más proxies automáticamente, en base a patrones de la URL. Dicho de otra manera, FoxyProxy automatiza el proceso manual de modificar los... anonymity, anonymous, dhcp, dns, foxy, privacy, private, proxy, proxying, recommended, trace ip
Free Memory Free Memory facilitates the Memory operations provided in about:memory page, in the form of an add-on. With this, it's no longer necessary to open a separate tab and go to about:memory to reduce the... Memory, ram, speed
French dictionary Dictionary, français, french, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
Friulian dictionary Dictionary, friulian, furlan, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
Friulian language pack friulian, furlan, langpack, language pack
FxButton Change menu and give an opportunity to move the Abrowser button. NOTE: This extension doesn't work with Australis UI. Please remove them from your add-ons list. How to change position of the Abrowser... button, menu, tweaking theme
FXChrome Chrome like theme for Abrowser chrome, chrome-theme, chromium
Galician dictionary Dictionary, galego, galician, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
General Catalan dictionary Free Catalan (general version) spelling dictionary. This dictionary includes the most common forms from the whole Catalan linguistic domain, For including all characteristic Valencian domain forms,... català, catalan, Dictionary, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
German dictionary deutsch, Dictionary, german, spell-check, spell-checker, spell-checking
GNOME 3 GNOME 3 theme for Abrowser — Previously known as "Adwaita" Adwaita, GNOME 3, GNOME integration, gnome-shell
GNOME Theme Tweak Extension for customizing GNOME theme. Note: You must have GNOME 3 Theme for Abrowser to work correct! GNOME 3, GNOME integration, gnome-shell, theme, tweaking
GNotifier GNotifier integrates Abrowser's notifications with the native notification system from GNU/Linux desktop. It supports: GNOME, KDE, Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE, LXDE and Unity. Everytime when Abrowser is... Cinnamon, DE, Gnome, integration, KDE, LXDE, MATE, notifications, notifier, notify, Unity, Xfce
Google Minimalist Google Minimalist converts the Google Search page's look to a slick and minimalist design. After the extension installs just click at the blue Google Minimalist icon that reside at statusbar or... Google, minimalist, restartless, Search, simple, twitter, Wikipedia, youtube video
Google search link fix Google, Yahoo and Yandex search pages have the annoying habit of changing the result link when you click it. So if you right-click the link in order to copy it you get some gibberish instead of what... google, privacy, redirect, restartless, search, url, yahoo, yandex