Bob's talk on LibreCMC @ North West (including pictures and video!)

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I'm posting some general pictures of the North West event (in northern Washington) and some of Bob's talk on LibreCMC. I'm also linking to a video I recorded of the talk. I didn't actually have proper equipment so the audio is very hard to make out. It was recorded with a web cam. So while the video portion is decent the audio is not. Unfortunately I didn't have a proper mic. Jason got some better audio, but I don't really have the time to integrate it into the video, so unless people request it I won't bother.

I also didn't get to see/record Bradley's, Deb's, or Don's talks unfortunately:

"The Free Software Foundation Licensing & Compliance Lab; We Fight for the User" - Don Robertson

"Considering the Future of Copyleft: How Will The Next Generation Perceive GPL?" - Bradley Kuhn

"Patents and Copyright and Trademarks: A Primer for Developers" - Deb Nicholson

:( too busy working at the ThinkPenguin table.

In any event here is the video on Bob's talk on LibreCMC:

Posted talk video and pictures licensed under CC by ND.

One of the pictures is of the Microsoft table. Normally I probably wouldn't bother posting a picture of anything Microsoft, but I thought it was interesting the amount of money/effort Microsoft has been putting into appealing to the community. They were essentially (seemingly) the only sponsors of the event to spend money to excess for such a small event. The one day they were handing out cotton candy and the next cake. Then they held an exclusive after party to celebrate Debian 8's release (for which we were not invited). Yes- you heard that right. Microsoft's now promoting Debian! What does all that mean? Who knows. Just thought I'd share it with everybody. Anyway- you can see it in part from the one picture. From what I hear the free software after party done on a zero dollar budget was much much more fun anyway! Unfortunately I was having too much fun to take pictures of it.

I also got pictures of other interesting booths. The Snowdrift project (to raise money for free software projects), the EFF (they weren't at the table when I took the picture, unfortunately), the pacific northwest crypto currency table, the LibreOffice table, and the FSF table.

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kinda of funny and sickening at the same time!