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For those interested in Free Software eBook Reader, I wanted to share the
following information:

"InLibroVeritas, the famous francophone free publisher (publishing
particularly framabook books) offers to sell an electronic book reader.

The 'e-Reader InLibroVeritas Opus', manufactured by french company Bookeen,
is based on electronic ink technology, that is found especially among its
competitor the Amazon Kindle.

However, the e-Reader InLibroVeritas Opus stands out not only for its
portability (with the standard USB mass storage, thus compatible with
Microsoft, Mac, [GNU/]Linux and others), but also by its lack of DRM and its
free [GNU/]Linux-based firmware . This reader, corresponding to the ideal of
free culture has been naturally selected by the ILV publisher. The founder
of ILV, Mathieu Pasquini, explains why they have thus made "the choice of
supporting two French companies that have clearly opted for an open future,
free software technology, free arts, going against the tide of global

Translated approximately from french page at

I browsed licenses in the source code and all is under GPLv2 or GPLv2+ ;)


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