gNewSense Maintainer steps down

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se unió: 02/21/2014

Sam Geeraerts is stepping down as Maintainer.


"After much consideration, I've decided to step down as the maintainer of
gNewSense. It was the distro I fell in love with and it would hurt me to
see it disappear. Yet I must be honest with myself and the community and
face the facts. I feel like I can't give it the attention it needs to
keep it in a state worthy of a distro recommended by the FSF. I'm sorry
to disappoint current users and those anticipating a new release.

I would like to thank everyone who I've worked with and who contributed
to gNewSense since it sparked from Paul O'Malley's brain over a decade
ago. It's been fun and educational.

If someone wants to take over I will be quite happy to get that person
going. I then might still help out, but I'm not going to take the lead
anymore. Please get in touch or forward to anyone who might be interested.

I will keep the repositories and other infrastructure running for now.



se unió: 03/18/2016

I feel like anyone who was using gNewSense had already migrated to Trisquel or other distros years ago. Their last blog was from 2014.

Still sad to see the project in the dead zone.

se unió: 02/17/2016