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se unió: 07/07/2017

I've been excited about this project for a long time. GNU Taler is an online payment system compatible with existing currencies. The payer is anonymous, to protect their privacy, whereas the payee is not, to allow for legitimate, taxable transactions. Until now Taler has been available for testing with a dummy currency. A few months ago, Taler completed a security audit.[1] Now, it is being tested with real currency on a university snack machine.[2] I assume they are starting with small, low-risk transactions in a single location until the software has been more robustly tested. I look forward to being able to make online purchases with freedom- and privacy-respecting software sometime in the future.



se unió: 04/05/2020

It is a very interesting idea. It mimics the idea of a physical store. A random anonymous person can walk into a store and purchase something with cash. The customer can leave without a paper-trail of their activity, while the store stays on the books.