Hosts file alternative

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se unió: 12/19/2018

Hello everyone!
I've decided to use Trisquel machine to be a single gateway between my home network and the Internet.
I have a big hosts file, containing all the bad actors, is it possible to convert it to use with iptables?
What's the most efficient way to block all those websites?

se unió: 08/31/2019

I’m not very knowledgeable on the topic, however I think that blocking such actors should be easier through the modem/router instead of filtering everything through a trisquel machine. I wouldn’t know which way to point you though I’m afraid.

se unió: 06/30/2017

If I understood correctly, what you looking for is a proxy server like polipo. Last time I used it I would put those sites I wanted to block in the forbidden file in polipo configuration directory. When I used to use it I had to block encrypted websites by modifying HTTPS Everywhere config file to force it to require those be unencrypted so that polipo could see sites I wanted blocked.