Hubzilla: a ground-breaking federated blogging/ forum/ remote storage server

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se unió: 05/14/2015

I've been following a free code project called Hubzilla ( for a few years now, ever since I was introduced to it via a GNU Social post by one of the developers. The more I learn about its feature set and architecture, the more I think it's genius, maybe even as ground-breaking as Git.

Hubzilla (formerly RedMatrix) was originally intended as a resilient (and censor-proof) blogging engine and CMS, kind of like a federated WordPress. Other features like a freedom-respecting replacement for Google Calendar have been added as development progressed. The Hubzilla devs developed their own federation protocol, called Zot, that allows a number of unique features.

One of the most useful ones, shared by no other federation protocol I'm aware of, is called Nomadic Identity. Basically, you can set up accounts on multiple instances of the software, and clone the "channels" (blogs, forums, whatever) you create onto each one. They remain linked together, and will sync with each other whenever they can.

Because of Nomadic Identity, Hubzilla (or another package based on the Zot protocol) could be run by a desktop user, on any internet-connected hardware running GNU-Linux (and possibly other free code OS). It wouldn't matter if the hardware or connection were unreliable, as long as all the channels hosted on their instance were cloned to a couple of more stable, public instances. This does away with one of the main reasons people (myself included) don't self-host on our own hardware at home (or on premises for organisations).

There are instructions here for installing Hubzilla on Debian 9:

But these are not the sort of instructions Jane User can follow. They assume basic sysadmin knowledge, or at least many years of experience running GNU-Linux on the desktop. I'd love to see Hubzilla packaged for Trisquel, so that it can be installed and set up as easily as any other user-facing application. Any idea what would have to be done to achieve that, and what sort of skills those tasks would require?