Naming volume groups and logical volumes

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se unió: 05/01/2018

I sold one of my coreboot-compatible laptops (excluding hard disks) to someone else, so I connected one of the (encrypted) hard disks on which the /home partition was located to my current workstation and tried to retrieve some data.

However, when I entered decryption password, my former /home partition (a logical volume) couldn't be mounted. When I inspected the disk, I found that the disk was successfully decrypted.

Finally, I realized that there were conflicts between volume group (VG) and logical volume (LV) names. I renamed one of the VGs and was able to mount the LVs.

Therefore, when naming VGs and LVs, some verbosity is needed in order to eliminate such conflicts. When I install next copy of Debian, I'd like to add the following information to VG names (as long as they don't exceed the length limits):

* Device name
* Boot firmware
* Hard disk controller (chipset and mode)
* Hard disk model
* Disk usage (system (SSD) or data(HDD))

Example: thinkpad_x230_coreboot_seabios_qm77_ahci_st320lm010_data (maybe already too long)