ODE - Single versus double precision

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se unió: 02/07/2010

Hello all,

Using Trisquel 4.0 beta, I have run into problems with a program of mine that relies on ODE for physics.

It seems that the double precision libraries (libode-dev and libode1) don't work properly, leading to segmentation faults and invalid argument errors, such as "mass must be more than zero" when the mass really is greater than zero.

For anyone else who runs into these problems, the single precision libraries (libode-sp-dev and libode1sp) seem to work just fine.

If I recall correctly, the Windows version of ODE has a similar problem, so developers interested in cross-platform development with ODE might want to try building their ODE DLLs as single precision rather than double.

I haven't checked to see if this is a known issue with the ODE developers yet. Perhaps I will inform them when I have time.

I hope someone finds this information useful.