Privacy recomendations

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Bob Vegan
se unió: 01/01/2021

I have discovered a website "", which claims to recommend privacy respecting software, however I do believe that it's certain recommendations (Fedora, Ubuntu, Firefox, Thunderbird, for example) are horrible choices from privacy point of view.

se unió: 12/13/2017

I don't want to check now, but as far as I recall, the website had a neat classification where, for each super bad ("red") thing they had an "orange", "yellow" and "green" alternative, and they were very clear about the orange ones not really being recommendations but merely significantly less horrible than the red ones, with something along the lines of "if you can, you should really try the 'green' one instead". Compared to the "orange" ones, the "green" ones usually had drawbacks like being perceived as not beginner friendly, or being incompatible with the "red" systems that a user may feel they absolutely need. I think the idea was that many users will not switch at all if you only recommend intimidating / incompatible / alien alternatives (or not even those when they don't exist yet).

Long story short, I think it's a stretch to say they "recommended" those, and they did provide better alternatives, unless the ones you listed were indeed "green" ones.

I think Privacytools is one of the last things I would accuse of misleading people. Worthier targets would be all the things that claim to have "privacy by default" but then constantly nag you with pop-ups asking you to agree to a change in terms, in the hopes that one day you will give up or accidentally click the wrong button. Those are just what came to mind because I've had to use them lately.