Stallman speech invitations

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se unió: 02/17/2016

RMS is looking for opportunities to speak on software, freedom, copyright and privacy.

"Looking for speech invitations in Europe for February and March

I will have an event in England in February or March, so I am looking for other places which would like to invite me to speak in the same period. I can speak about free software, about copyright vs community, about issues of privacy and why real digital privacy requires anonymity, and some other topics about computing and freedom.

To set up a speech, you would need to provide a large room and be able to draw a substantial audience, and pay for the costs of my travel within Europe (at least).

If you are interested in doing this, please email me."

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I am a member!

se unió: 06/19/2015

Nice window manager.

How can you stand to use TWM all day?

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I mostly spend my day in the terminal or the browser. The rest is insignificant.

Unix tools are there regardless* of the Window manager.

This (see attached screenshot) is sufficient to run X programs in a GUI environment. I modified the decorations and removed some.

*It occurred to me that there's a double negative in 'irregardless' and I checked the usage ('regardless' is correct).