Trisquel on the BeagleBone Black / BeagleWire toolchain

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se unió: 01/10/2012

I currently have a BeagleWire + BeagleBone Black that runs Debian. So I decided to upgrade to Trisquel on the long term and found out that I can compile a bitstring for the BeagleWire on my laptop running Trisquel (Using Yosys and arachne-pnr). As an example I took the I2CSlave from which I modified. I wasn't able to get I2C working on the BeagleBone Black yet, I will try to do that later.

It seems that this FPGA is to small for some things that I want to do. So I will design my own board using an 8K model and maybe an RP2040. Once I do a bigger run I will apply for the FSF's Respects Your Freedom Certification.