A lot of links on the Italian documentation page point to an inexistent page or erroneously redirect to the English related page

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Estado:patch (needs work)

The issue I am talking about and that affects the Italian docs is that many links on the Ita wiki (https://trisquel.info/it/wiki) point to a inexistent page because the url is wrong (it contains an "en" rather than "it") -> example


should direct to


Another example is https://trisquel.info/it/wiki/media

Take the first link..
This one doesn't point to an inexistent page. It redirects the user to the English page, but it really shouldn't, being that the Italian page exists!!!
The two links under "Video" both point to a inexistent page because of the en / it issue as previously explained.

I think this needs some fixing - The first link I provided is "Installare Trisquel", that is the guide on how to install Trisquel. Now, imagine an Italian dude who comes here, doesn't speak a word of English (a lot of Italians) and clicks on that link.. He will think the documentation is awful and that is not the case..