Unable to resize, maximize, scroll gnome-control-center and hence Limitation in displaying items and information

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I am using Trisquel 7.0 (Default) in which System Settings (gnome-control-center) can't be resized or maximized or even scrolled (up and down) and hence It will not showing items' information on last raw.

Here is screen-shot that will clearly shows missing description of items in last raw:-

In other words There is limitation for capacity to show items in window as we can't resize, maximize or even scroll the window.

I am posting this as future-request (instead of bug ; I've not experince which catagory & priority to use excatly when) to fix this. (provide facility to resize/maximize or at-least allow to scroll up and down)

Note: However, it has search button (very good feature) but it seems not solution at all.

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