Can't really login here with Midori

Proyecto:Trisquel mini
Categoría:informe de fallo
Asignado:No asignado

Using Midori I can login here via the login link, and when I go to the forum startpage I can see that it says in the statistics area that I am logged in (like: 1 user and 185 guests).
BUT: I am not really logged in. In the upper right-hand corner my user icon is not shown, but rather the possibility to login. Also, although my user icon is shown in the middle of the page, as if I was in my profile, and I can see the history of my contributions here, the option for changing my profile is missing. Furthermore, I can't post anything neither in the forum nor in the issues section (this post is done with a different browser). When I try to log in, being in the forum or the issues section, the page reloads without logging me in.