'Download Trisquel' page on wiki needs updating for Etiona

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The 'Download Trisquel' page on the wiki doesn't seem to have been updated since Belenos was the current release. Since the end of April 2021 is the scheduled end of support for Ubuntu 16.04 - the base for Flidas - it makes sense to me to update everything on the 'Download Trisquel' wiki page (including the verification instructions) to match the expected behaviour of Etiona. See here the results of my attempts to follow the instructions as they stand:

I'm happy to do the updating of the page myself, I just need some advice on what it needs to contain. For example:

* is the gpg verification process still valid?

* Is the command for adding the gpg key still correct? What is the expected output?

* After adding the key, what is the expected outcome of the verification command?