For Commercial Use of Video Games and Hardware

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Masaru Suzuqi -under review-
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I've been doing a bit of research, but I cannot find much information.
Nintendo does not seem to allow commercial use at all. However, you can post things such as recorded movies on Youtube.
As for EA, I found an email address to ask for permission of commercial use of their products.

If EA allowed it, what conditions do you think they would impose?

Also, even if EA allows it, there would be going to be a problem if you do commercial use without getting permission from Sony.
Sony states on their website that Sony does not respond to asking permission separately, so users should do commercial use of PlayStation at their own discretion within the limits of the law. I believe that the organizers of Esports must have been using the PlayStation at their events (I don't know which hardware they use), so it is likely that the organizers have obtained some kind of permission from Sony. Or are they doing commercial use of PlayStation without permission of Sony?

I don't really understand it. Can someone teach me more about this?

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The best thing I could say is to stay as far away from non-free hardware, software, or anything else.

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"The best thing I could say is to stay as far away from non-free hardware, software, or anything else."

The real hard part is the hardware. Even if I want to just play open source games like Super Tux Kart or Red Eclipse it requires more horsepower to run than what free hardware can provide currently. Nouveau on the Nvidia 7xx series might get me 20 FPS on low and Intel HD4600 isn't much better. Saying this as someone who has both. I'm just saying I can see where hardcore gamers would run into difficult choices if they also want to stick to free software/hardware options.

Masaru Suzuqi -under review-
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Blessed downvoters may be able to live away from non-free, but underprivileged guys like me have to use non-free stuff in their work. If there is no free consoles and software out there.

While it seem inappropriate to restrict commercial use and reverse engineering etc, there is no difference between selling something you've invested in developing and soliciting donations, and it's basically unseemly to see them soliciting donations.
In particular, I have never seen any interesting free game software, and video games are the most popular thing in the computer world. And they made some of really fun stuff.

But yeah, I also lost interest in these matters. Have it your way.