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Hey Guys, I have three computers in regular use.
1/. I keep XP Pro on a CAD station built for me many years (10?) ago to run 3D CAD SolidWorks 10 - it has never seen the internet so needs no AV and is just so fast! Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8300 @ 2.5GHz 4.0GB RAM. It also runs Serif PagePlus and PhotoPlus.
2/. Have bought Dell Latitude E6420 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2.8GHz x 4 with 7.7GiB RAM dual boot with ubuntu 16 and Win10. Runs Epiphany and Midori plus DuckDuckGo. GMX free Webmail and Geary mail, Shotwell, Screenshot, Libre Office, FocusWriter, Gimp and Serif PhotoPlus windows software on Linux - the better of the two! FreeCAD etc. Life is good now. Favourite toy at moment is Tails 4.2.2 on a stick packing Tor Browser; so fast and silent that I keep forgetting that I am only in RAM
3/. Perhaps strangely I find that I am using my rescued (from Vista) HP G60-120EM Intel(R) Core(TM) Duo 2.00Ghz 3.00 GB RAM ruining Trisquel GNU-Linux 8. I do not know if this because of the full English keyboard, number pad, scroll bar, larger screen or Trisquel OS. I think I just love Trisquel – even using Ffox - Abrowser again as it is set up so nice out of the box.
It used to be said that certain software like 3D CAD and CAM could only make use of or address so much defined RAM given also at the time and probably still so, only one OS. Would it then be okay to drop ubuntu on the Dell Latitude E6420 and install a lighter Linux like Trisquel 9 or a medium OS like MX? Would this lead to known issues running FreeCAD or running wine dependent windows programmes?
Could some of the more knowledgeable community members get my head in better shape regarding OS vs Software vs RAM vs Swap, issues – please? Light or Heavy, David vs Goliath,
Mini Monte Carlo Rally, Lotus vs US Lard etc.

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Trisquel's default system can perfectly run on any of the computer you describe. I have no idea of FreeCAD's requirements though: just run it and see.

a lighter Linux like Trisquel 9


OS vs Software vs RAM vs Swap, issues – please?

I do not really understand the question. You need enough RAM to comfortably work, i.e., to have all the programs you may simultaneously need run at the same time (including the Web browser). You need some swap too. Not much. Just in case a malfunctioning program starts leaking memory (you want to have the time to detect the problem, save your work, and close the problematic program) or if you want to hibernate (then choose at least as much swap as you have RAM).

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There is no lighter or heavier Linux, because Linux is only a kernel.

There is no lighter or heavier GNU/Linux (distribution) either, because this depends on the payload (mainly the desktop environment).

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To Andy,

Hello, Andy. I see you are a new member in this forum and I'm glad to see you. For you question, firstly our operating system is GNU/Linux, not only Linux, as the latter is a component and not the whole operating system. Secondly, I do not really grasp your wordings, did you mean you were looking for a lightweight GNU/Linux system to run FreeCAD? If that so, I can say that Trisquel 9.0 Etiona (yes, I am running 9.0 LiveCD to write this reply) will work well with your 3GB RAM and even better with the 4GB one and best with 7GB one. If you are learning FreeCAD, I recommend you to make friends with FreeCAD Forum which is a great community with thousands of posts already. From this forum, I believe you will be interested with 'Users Showcase' subforum[1]. Enjoy Trisquel!

[1] Sample screenshot from that subforum: