Microsoft Edge Dev on Trisquel

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A rejoint: 07/24/2017

Hello Trisquel users so Microsoft has released Edge for Linux so what are your thoughts of running a Microsoft web browser on Trisquel? and yes this had to go in the troll lounge as its intended as tung and cheek.

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A rejoint: 05/01/2018

This depends on the license of the software, not the developer or vendor of it.

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A rejoint: 09/13/2010

Edge is non-free regardless of the operating system that it runs on.

Adrian Malacoda

I am a member!

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A rejoint: 12/26/2010

Even if Edge were free, I don't think I'd want to use it. I don't think it offers anything existing free browsers do not.

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A rejoint: 01/10/2013

Yeah, Isn't Edge based on Chrome and I don't even want that insanely bloated and over complicated and over engineered crap that is Chromium.