Regarding veganism

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You don't agree with vegans, thats completely your right. I feel no responsibility to convince you otherwise and you are certainly not the only one. I haven't engaged with you because I haven't found the interactions here particularly compelling compared to similar topics I have discussed on other sites. I offered you a summary, you didn't like it, oh well. At the end of the day we are just two semi-anonymous assholes on the internet accomplishing nothing no matter where this thread goes.

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Regarding veganism

Does consuming any kind of marijuana products in northern California will make me a veganism?

Smoking or digesting marijuana legally has become an art of quality,
Why do I speak about that?
Well I got shirts,pants shirts SUCKS, DRESS Shirt and long sleeve made out hemp materials,

Then I taste the Brownies and cookies mix with chocolate and with marijuana flakes, was superbly delicious, with a glass of milk The I smoke the big joint branded el rubio cultivated in northern Californian, superbly high grade.

I'm IN a dose of relaxation, enjoy my trip.


I am a translator!

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Interdasting.. Send me a box of 'rubios'. Will pay in fatcoins :)