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Hi, everyone

I would like to leave feedback on the use of Trisquel-mini_10.0 (Xfce Desktop)
I tried the system and some programmes in test mode.

I would like to thank the
TRISQUEL TEAM very much for updating the system !Special thanks for the update XFCE ! Thank you for the many updates, by the way I couldn't find zenmap ))

on Ark74's recommendation, I downloaded the updated version trisquel-mini_10.0 which is located here

sudo apt install lftp

lftp -c 'set net:idle 10

set net:max-retries 0

set net:reconnect-interval-base 3

set net:reconnect-interval-max 3

pget -n 10 -c "

What I noticed in a cursory use ( I didn't use on a free pc )

1. when logging out and in, a coloured grid appears on the screen
2.Notifications .The button "Show Preview" didn't work for me
3.Virt-manager Thanks for the update, but many old bugs remain, for example :

user@trisquel:~$ id libvurt-qemu
uid 64055(libvirt-qemu).....
dbind-WARNING **: ......: Couldn't register with accessibility bus

the default connection (Vibr0..) remains active after leaving virt-manager

4. Unable to do the update via the graphical utility Software & Update
I've been having problems with system updates lately !!!
5.It would be great if there was an updated manual on
Verifying the ISO image file using GPG

I even had a case where I was transferring a regular file or text from host machine to VM ))
I also believe that there is no need for WIFI to be automatically enabled when installing the system, it is up to the user to choose !!!!

Thank you again for your work!

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Thank you Gnu-Bro for writing nice review! I want to test Trisquel 10 too.

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Hello Malsasa

And thank you very much for your useful resource in which you constantly promote Trisquel as well as what I think are great tutorials on how to use it.