Updating GRUB doesn't change the ensuing GRUB menu that appears on restarting the T430 Thinkpad

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This is an issue with a T430 Thinkpad that's combined with a Type 4336 Port Replicator
that adds four USB ports to the Tinkpad's existing four USB ports. There's another
Thinkpad involved, T-420. Both are running Trisquel_10 (nabia). There are three USB-
connected hard drives, one of which has an instance of Trisquel_9 (etiona) installed.
The other two HDD's are just for data storage and have no operating systems.

The T420 works OK hosting nabia and etiona, the only issue being that grub-update
shows etiona on /dev/sdc1, whereas the grub menu on restarting shows it at /dev/sdd1.
Nevertheless, choosing /dev/sdd1 still causes the etiona on /dev/sdc1 to boot OK.

With the T430 on the same port replicator having the same three USB-connected HDD's
in their same USB ports on the port relicator, the only difference is that GRUB
is on the /dev/sda that is in the T430. The two GRUB's cannot be the same GRUB of
course. Ubdating GRUB on the T430 detects etiona at /dev/sdb1 as well as nabia on
/dev/sda3 and aramo on /dev/sda5.

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[continuing] The instance of aramo on /dev/sda5 isn't working, has no WiFi ability, and is
identified in the startup GRUB as another instance of nabia. Nabia is at /dev/sda3 in the
same GRUB startup menu, but etiona does not appear at all, even though update-grub found it
at /dev/sdb1.

How can the GRUB startup menu be made to coincide with the results of upate-grub ?

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update-grub has returned to making a boot menu that includes all the current operating systems,
even Trisquel_9 (etiona).

After updating all the operating systems on the three Thinkpads that can be used with the
Type 4336 port replicator, I chose to let Trisquels' Software Updater upgrade the etiona
trisquel that is common to all three (because it's on the USB port that's part of the port
replicator) to nabia. This took about an hour, stopped only once to let me confirm the
keyboard setting, and then proceeded to completion. Then I restarted the 'puter, installed
all the apps that I customarily use with this instance of Trisquel, ran update-grub, and
restarted once again. On this Thinkpad, the fully packed nabia ends up at the 2nd-to-last
grub menu item because that was where etiona was in the previous grub menu.

Nest, I swapped the Thinkpad and attached another one, started grub from the top grub menu
item, ran update-grub, and restarted. This instance of nabia is at the top of the new grub
menu; I can tell because it's the only one with all my preferred app's. Then I repeated
once more with the third Thinkpad, and this time ended up with the packed version of nabia
in the uppermost place in the grub.

Whichever Thinkpad I now use to do actual work, I can chose the appropriate place in the
grub menu to access the packed version of nabia, without having to install all those app's
in all the other instances of nabia.

Summary: On the original Thinkpad, the packed version of nabia remains as the 2nd-to-last
grub menu item; same for the second Thinkpad (a Type T430); but on the third Thinkpad, the
packed version of nabia is topmost in the grub menu. The first & third Thinkpads are both