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Forum TopicPas de description des applications en français Avron22Il y a 39 semaines 8 heures
Forum TopicNew Hampshire (USA) may soon enshrine Software Freedom into law. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! libreleah20Il y a 39 semaines 3 jours
Forum TopicUserscripts - How to redirect without connecting to target website first? GNUser4Il y a 39 semaines 6 jours
Forum TopicInform7, the language to create text adventure games, got released under a libre Artistic 2.0 license. andermetalsh4Il y a 40 semaines 3 jours
Forum Topic Richard Stallman: The state of the free software movement jxself12Il y a 40 semaines 4 jours
Forum TopicThe graphical web browser that uses 5mb of memory andyprough76Il y a 43 semaines 15 heures
Forum TopicFree hearing aid/cochlear implant? Lef6Il y a 43 semaines 6 jours
Forum Topic Rolling stable kernels jxself2Il y a 44 semaines 1 jour
Forum TopicService Providers + VPN + Privacy john.rook4Il y a 44 semaines 2 jours
Forum TopicAvertisseur de fin de batterie Raistlin18Il y a 44 semaines 2 jours
Forum TopicHaketilo 1.0 pre-release koszkonutek18Il y a 45 semaines 3 jours
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Forum TopicTrisquel Name (Terminology ) SabirSaleem9051Il y a 46 semaines 5 jours
Forum Topicwebsite builder for html/css linuc7Il y a 47 semaines 1 jour
Forum Topic[FSF blog] EARN-IT threatens encryption and therefore user freedom koszkonutek1Il y a 47 semaines 1 jour
Forum TopicNouvel ordinateur quel choix pour quel liberté et quel performances Lèyon di li N.12Il y a 47 semaines 1 jour
Forum TopicPeppermintOS ditching Ubuntu base for Debian/Devuan - Trisquel should also andyprough52Il y a 47 semaines 4 jours
Forum TopicGestion de 2 distributions dans les dépôts (besoin d'éclairsissement) Lèyon di li N.9Il y a 47 semaines 4 jours
Forum Topic[with JWMKIT!] Libre-antiX respin 32-bit version 2nd Beta version available for testing andyprough55Il y a 47 semaines 5 jours
Forum Topic Publication of the FSF-funded white papers on questions around Copilot libredrs2Il y a 47 semaines 5 jours
Forum TopicMirrors... jeremy.b2Il y a 47 semaines 5 jours
Forum TopicGoogle Play Store versteht den Unterschied zwischen frei und gratis nicht Vikings_thum1Il y a 51 semaines 4 jours
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