Abrowser shows Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc links on the homepage by default

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I installed Trisquel 9.0 in a VM, ran updates and restarted, then opened Abrowser. I'm quite surprised that the default browser on a distro of this nature would have this on the homepage by default. My question is why? And is this an intentional decision?

I've attached a screenshot showing what Abrowser looks like the first time it was opened.

This isn't a fluke either. I got this same result when installing Trisquel 9.0 onto bare metal a few months ago.

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This problem is inherited from Firefox. Maybe it's forgotten when customizing Abrowser...

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Look in the Settings link, which is revealed by clicking on what's known as
the "hamburger" ikon (three horizontal lines, one above the other). Opening
the Settings menu, you'll see an entry called Home. The Home menu has checkboxes
labeled Web Search, Shortcuts, Recent Activity, and Snippets. Someone has selected
Sponsored Shortcuts for you. If you want peaceful use of Abrowser, uncheck all
selections and then see how it goes.

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Librewolf does not do this. In about:config, the following lines are greyed out:

I'm not sure how the Librewolf devs did this. Possibly with their hand-crafted user.js. I doubt that it is an option during compilation, but I could be wrong. I used to build the nightly version of Firefox frequently and knew where to find the list of compile options, but I haven't done that for awhile.

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You can "lock" a preference in Firefox in the preferences file, that's probably what the Librewolf devs did.


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Hi Lloyd, you say >My question is why? And is this an intentional decision? - I can’t answer your question but never thought of it as much of a problem.
Anyway, from memory I think they were “sponsored shortcuts”. In any event compare settings “Home” and then make yours like picture.
Then switch to “Privacy and Security” and make yours like remaining pictures. If you don’t trust anything (like me) go through all permissions, one by one, to ensure all are denied to new requests.
This should be a good starting position for you….?
I have not yet needed to change settings since initial checks were made to my liking.
If using DuckduckGo be aware that it is usual to have two ADS shown in most searches – kickback helps with costs. Think I have disabled other search engines.

Abr-Home-01.png Abr-Priv-01.png Abr-Priv-02.png

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Yes - recently done a fresh install on new SSD so my own pictures above were useful. Yes they were FF legacy “sponsored shortcuts” so one click dismissed them for good - no problemo!
For those interested in security, privacy and tracking - do not use Abrowser in full screen mode as it is used to track you and identify hardware or device. I have many messages from ebay, banks etc saying unexpected activity or you are using a different device; which I ignore.
For every session I habitually grab a corner and resize window slightly - mid session too. Stay Safe All...


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The links were fixed a couple of weeks ago, you might want to update your abrowser version.