[Abrowser] Unexpected Error, not able to sync

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Out-of-the-box Trisquel 7 Abrowser fails to sync. Seems that this two-year-old thread is still on:

[Abrowser] Unexpected Error, not able to sync | Trisquel GNU/Linux - ¡Va por libre!

Being a problem from Abrowser and not Trisquel itself I didn't create a bug report. Rather, found a bug report on Debian and added my report to it:

Made a fresh install of Trisquel 7 today in a laptop, including Abrowser 44.0.2. Having Firefox in all of my other devices (netbook, tablet and smartphone) and all of them synced, I inmediately tried to activate Sync on Abrowser, with no plug-ins or add-ons. After clicking in "Sign in" I introduced my e-mail address and password. After that, I got a "Working..." message that went on straigth for at least half an hour before I gave up and closed Abrowser.

In some Trisquel forum thread I found a discussion about this and a possible fix-up: to enter the about:config page, add a string named "services.sync.username" and give the value "0". I did this, and afterwards I noticed the Preferences -> Sync menu from Abrowser changed - instead of "Sign in", I got the "Pair device" button. However, this procedure (which was the prodedure used since the Sync service was added to Firefox 4.0 and until the release of Firefox 29.0) worked differently, and required me to take the "other" device (as if there could be only two instead of four) and introduce code on it. This wasn't likely to work because at Firefox 29 release I accepted the Sync service change (I really disliked the new service which lacks end-to-end encryption, but Firefox 29 warned the old service was going into "deprecated" status and likely to be closed in the future) and have the Sync service now working by the new protocol on my other three devices. So I closed the dialog box, and afterwards found that the Preferences -> Sync menu had went back to the "Create account / Sign up" buttons, with no "Pair device" button. Also, at the about:config page, I found that the "services.sync.username" had disappeared. So, no fix.