MOZILLA'S VIEW about net neutrality

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Net neutrality is fundamental to free speech. Without it, big companies could censor anyone’s voice and make it harder to speak up online.
Net neutrality is fundamental to competition. Without it, ISPs can prioritize their businesses over newcomer companies trying to reach users with the next big thing.
Net neutrality is fundamental to innovation. Without it, funding for startups could dry-up, as established companies that can afford to “pay to play” become the only safe tech investments.
And, ultimately, net neutrality is fundamental to user choice. Without it, ISPs can choose what you access — or how fast it may load — online.

Power online was once distributed and that was wonderful, but increasingly governments and mega corporations control the Internet. It doesn’t have to be this way. Mozilla believes the Internet must be a safe and open place to explore, transact, connect, and create. There is no limit to what we can accomplish together when people get informed and make their voices heard.


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