Step by Step Dynebolic OS Docking Procedure?

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"From version 1.2 and later, yes! The procedure is called "docking", and all you have to do is copy the entire dyne/ directory and subdirectories to the root directory of your hard disk (using Winblows for example that would result in C:\dyne\), whether you have ext2/3, reiserfs, NTFS, DOS FAT, BeOS, or *BSD. Hehe! Afterwards you have to boot up normally using your dyne:bolic cd, which will automatically recognize the harddisk partition containing the dyne/ subdirectory, therefore ejecting the dyne:bolic cd and booting up the image from harddisk. Easy, ain't it? "

So This is the qoute I'm trying to work with. I'm new to Linux so would like to ask if someone can help me do a install so I can work with both you guy's and dynebolic? This is there main site



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Hey and welcome here! Have you tried the brand new Trisquel 6 yet? If not, it is very recommended;)
Regarding dyne:bolic, there might be even better help available on IRC at channel #dyne or at Are you using the dyne:bolic 3.0 beta? The base for that is getting quite old, but it works fine. It is possible to boot it from Grub and prepare an usb stick etc to keep your documents and settings. Here's a rough howto i made a while back:
It has worked for me, but please back up all your data before attempting this! You can probably also encrypt your data with the dyne tool Tomb or such if you like.

Let us know how Trisquel is working for you:)


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I've played around with the dyne:bolic 3 Live image before, and it was literally the least elegant, most cobbled-together distro I've ever tried. For some reason, Jaromil didn't even bother to change the name of the beta ISO when it was "released."

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What seems to be the problem, the copying or the booting?