Trisquel_9.0 Won't boot to login screen after running security and software updater

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I am running a fresh install of Trisquel_9.0_i686 on a Presario v3000, using external VGA monitor.

While setting up the desktop and etc., I checked for updates.
I accepted the suggestions.
After all done downloading and installing,
system will not boot into login screen.
I bring up f4 console and log in and 'startx'. Everything seems to come up after that.

Where do I change the setting or add missing line to the boot script to fix?

Magic Banana

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Hello Magic Banana,

Thank you.

I had missed your response until now.
I have a running 9.0 now, but without yet having run updates (this time).
I did run the mate-display-properties from the command line in order to designate the VGA as 'primary' and the broken laptop screen as 'off'.
Hopefully, that fix for the earlier desktop problems that were resolved from another post topic, will also have solved this issue here.