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Forum TopicTrisquel 8, codenamed Flidas. SalmanMohammadi8Fai 5 anos 7 semanas
Forum TopicDobles entradas hace imposible el uso de los foros. ¡Apoya el bug! trinux32Fai 5 anos 8 semanas
Forum TopicWhat was the first distro you used Embracer24548Fai 5 anos 13 semanas
IssueTransparencia en el balance de cuentas del proyecto Trisquel. trinux5Fai 5 anos 13 semanas
Issuetrisquel mini missing polkit package bill-auger10Fai 5 anos 21 semanas
Issuelinux-image-lowlatency-lts-vivid in belenos-security requires linux-firmware, that doesn't exists HurdTimes5Fai 5 anos 21 semanas
IssueAbrowser update modified search engine list lembas6Fai 5 anos 22 semanas
IssueRemove surveillance-friendly search engines from Chinese-version of Abrowser pizzaiolo2Fai 5 anos 25 semanas
Forum TopicProblems with access to trisquel site aklis5Fai 5 anos 25 semanas
IssueXfce "distributed by Xubuntu" pehjota3Fai 5 anos 27 semanas
Issue[GFSD] ice related packages suggest proprietary software lembas9Fai 5 anos 27 semanas
Forum TopicBest way to contribute to libre software tomlukeywood17Fai 5 anos 28 semanas
Issue[GNU FSDG] Packages meant for Image Based Upgrades for Ubuntu. lap4fsf3Fai 5 anos 29 semanas
Forum Topic'Abrowser' behaves strangely after a system update. lap4fsf104Fai 5 anos 29 semanas
Issuetrisquel reboots often ghiekorg1Fai 5 anos 31 semanas
IssueAbrowser no deja cambiar a "Pagina de inicio" Arder1Fai 5 anos 31 semanas
IssueVivid kernel packages still recommend removed linux-firmware package t3g2Fai 5 anos 31 semanas
IssueAbrowser and Icecat missing in software center ("add/remove applications") lembas2Fai 5 anos 31 semanas
IssueWeak Diffie-Hellman group Legimet3Fai 5 anos 31 semanas
Issue[GNU FSDG] Extensions that work explicitly with Chromium web browser. lap4fsf1Fai 5 anos 31 semanas
Forum TopicA pleasant, but confusing surprise Trisk Spellian2Fai 5 anos 31 semanas
IssueAbrowser problem in version 39 to open url dcapeletti10Fai 5 anos 32 semanas
IssueAbrowser wants to automatically install OpenH264 alonsogonzalez12Fai 5 anos 33 semanas
IssueAbrowser 39.0 uses a modified Firefox logo in add-on list. lap4fsf3Fai 5 anos 33 semanas
Issue[Privacy] Abrowser sends requests when hovering over a link BugRep2Fai 5 anos 34 semanas