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IssueGnujump Matsetes5Fai 5 anos 47 semanas
Issue[broken-dependency] mplayer-gui fabio7Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
Issuenon-free content included (musescore example score) mejiko6Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
Issue[Packaging Request] ddccontrol ivaylo7Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssueAbrowser-globalmenu is an empty package grvrulz3Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Calibre quick start guide recommends non-free software lembas21Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
Issuelighttpd index page talks about Ubuntu still fchmmr4Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
Issuekate included non-free code. mejiko2Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssueBleachbit does not detect Abrowser Legimet7Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssuePackage origami only useful with proprietary software lembas4Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssuePackages xqf and qstat list proprietary game servers lembas3Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssueApt-move bug: Doesn't move, doesn't delete adamtoinfinity5Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssuePackage gkermit describes ckermit as non-free lembas17Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssueNew mirror in China lembas2Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
Issuebeneath-a-steel-sky depends on scummvm but it is not installable EricxDu2Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssuePackage 'tkcvs' cannot be started joek33Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
Issuetcl-trf included non-free codes. mejiko14Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssueRepositories seem out of sync lembas7Fai 5 anos 48 semanas
IssuePlease add upstream multiverse package geoip-database-contrib to Belenos leny20105Fai 5 anos 49 semanas
Issue[GFSD Issue] Emacs nonfree versions aklis14Fai 5 anos 49 semanas
IssueNavegador Midori apunta a artwork de ubuntu nicoman3Fai 5 anos 49 semanas
IssueSynaptic no admite live CD como fuente/repositorio flop1Fai 5 anos 49 semanas
IssueKeyboard LED Applet doesn't show Caps Lock trinux2Fai 5 anos 49 semanas
Issuelts-backport meta packages quiliro2Fai 5 anos 49 semanas
Issue"apt-get autoremove" offers removal of ecryptfs-utils after installing Trisquel with user's directory encryption. Daniel Molina4Fai 5 anos 49 semanas