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IssueWiki request on how to change logos on Custom images... Psyber.Netik3Fai 9 anos 19 semanas
Issueimpossible to access to addons of abrowser clicking on trisquel.info Daniel Molina3Fai 9 anos 19 semanas
IssueEnglish Donation page links to Spanish Paypal Page SirGrant2Fai 9 anos 19 semanas
IssueProblems with the mailing list and the web forum ivaylo7Fai 9 anos 19 semanas
Issuep7zip-full suggests p7zip-rar Lazza4Fai 9 anos 19 semanas
Issue9wm - No FSF Free marcooliva4Fai 9 anos 19 semanas
IssueInstaller link to Release Notes points to a non-existing page malberts2Fai 9 anos 19 semanas
IssueBanshee uses ubuntu as referer to amazon mp3 store aklis3Fai 9 anos 19 semanas
IssuePlease remove easycrypt and gdecrypt from repos AndrewT4Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
Issueseamonkey recommends non-free software Henry Jensen5Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
IssueCannot install IceCat without an additional directory technicalpickle2Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
IssueGNUzilla IceCat 5.0 no tiene actualizaciones de seguridad trinux3Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
Issueunp recomienda instalar software privativo en su descripción kossa6Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
IssueTrisquel hace de "refer" a Canonical en la tienda Magnatune en rhythmbox trinux5Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
Issue"pyrit" package recommends non-free technologies sphynx3Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
Issue'Enviar a...' non sobreescribe ficheiro mcamel2Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
IssueAbrowser sin soporte de diccionartios en español Ark746Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
IssueСессия. petr-tris2Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
IssueTomboy, broken dependency to libsyncdaemon-1.0-1 johan3Fai 9 anos 20 semanas
IssueOutdated Trisquel project page gobusto2Fai 9 anos 21 semanas
IssueAdding free packages from medibuntu.org Albator4Fai 9 anos 21 semanas
IssueUCK: su nombre refiere a Ubuntu y también se refiere a un paquete removido quiliro2Fai 9 anos 21 semanas
IssueFile Roller ZIP con contrasinal mcamel1Fai 9 anos 21 semanas
Issuehpijs recomienda software no libre tash2Fai 9 anos 22 semanas
IssueHow to get "13d3:3247 IMC Networks 802.11 n/g/b Wireless LAN Adapter" work? joek31Fai 9 anos 22 semanas