Breaking the trend, Bill Gates supports the FBI backdoor for the iPhone

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Iscritto: 05/15/2011

Snowden, Apple, Google, and Facebook have took a stand against the FBI getting backdoor access to the iPhone and potentially more devices in the future. Bill Gates just came out and supports the FBI getting access:

Are any of you surprised? This is the Microsoft founder after all. The same Microsoft that has built in loads of tracking and hidden backdoors in Windows 10.

Iscritto: 07/05/2014

When ever MS talks about their security/privacy they are very aware to avoid ever making solid commitments about what they provide.

If instance, they will talk about their 'Windows Hello' facial recognition system and how amazing the technology is; but they will never commit to any real low level stuff like complete system encryption. Apple may produce some horrible stuff but at least they are putting some good technology in their devices.

They (MS) have talked the talk but never walked the walk. They talk security to keep businesses on board but beyond that there is little in the way of committing to specific functionality.

Satya Nadella comes from the same tree as Ballmer and Gates. It is no wonder that Gates has essentially the same stance as MS does.

Iscritto: 01/18/2014

What I am surprised about is that more people would be naive enough to think that the U.S. Government cannot take a phone apart and extract the information.

hay, this is FBI Even if you do not use the Internet They can take everything from you For example Breaking into your home and take your
phone and your computer and extracting information .......... One of my friends told me they were using hypnosis to take the information If this is true
it means that they can take all passwords easily
and they can take the phone apart and get the data. If they take the phone apart the data is no longer useful in
a court oi Law in the U.S. this is all about being able to prosecute people in court.. not about getting the data.
in a court of law in the U.S.. being they have destroyed the evidence by tampering with the phone. So they are playing of the U.S. peoples fear of terrorism
to get something that allows them to break into the phone extracting the data where they can use it to prosecute people in court in the U.S. that simple.

Iscritto: 04/16/2013

Don't be too hasty to believe Google and Apple on their stances either. Eric Schmidt in particular is an evil government shill, he is real close to the Clintons for one. Not to mention he is a trans-humanist.

Iscritto: 07/19/2015

They will do what Club Bilderberg orders. As all world's Goverments.