GISEC 2015 - BIG computer sec conf. in my area

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Iscritto: 07/11/2014

Hi guys! How are you?
So there's this BIG conference I'm looking forward to going to, called GISEC. It's probably one of the biggest even in tech and the biggest of it's kind, not to mention it happens in Dubai World Trade Centre. It's BIG because Bruce Schneier will be in it and he's a keynote speaker. But moreover, I'm looking forward for someone to exhibit Free Software or a Free Software booth/stand.
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So far I haven't seen from any of the exhibitors that specializes in using Free Software, heck there aren't even any mention of Free Software - I used the 'find' function or ctrl + F, you can check it for yourself: Or even Open Source, but I'm sure there are - that's like the 'IN' or the 'trend' for info/comp. sec. :)
FSF should go exhibit there, or any and as much Free Software organizations as possible.
I of course am glad on assist on exhibiting Free Software at the conference. Just posted in /r/Dubai ( and hopefully I get in touch with Free Software folks soon. I have actually talked to some before, but did not keep in touch haha! Hopefully we will get in touch again.

Here's the conference link:
Here's the setting up of booth link:
Here are the exhibitors:


Iscritto: 07/05/2014

I'm not sure that FSF would turn up to an event like that just yet, they have limited resources and must use thme to maximum effect. That said you being there and rising the issues to those who are interested in more than a great start.