How do i get VPNs to work in Trisquel 9 Mate?

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Iscritto: 10/29/2020

hi, im using Trisquel 9 MATE

I can connect to OpenVPN, and I can ping IP addresses, but No websites will load.

Also, WireGuard apparantly doesnt work with this entire linux kernel, so I have to use OpenVPN.

I've tried 2 VPNs with OpenVPN, both can connect, but once Im connected, I cant resolve and website URLs, I can only Ping IPs, launch Tor.

How do I Get VPN technology working on my trisquel 9 system?

This exact setup worked with Triskel 9 KDE, openvpn vpns would work on KDE trisquel 9.

So, what is going on? How do I get a VPN working?