Lenovo computers and Superfish malware

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Iscritto: 08/13/2014

I received the news through the FSF newsletter: Tell Lenovo: respect user freedom and prevent future Superfishes.

This is an example where proprietary software developers show that they're primarily interested in serving themselves and only secondarily serving their users; it's always like this with proprietary software (otherwise they'd allow users to control their own computing). I hope that this news will help people in general to realize that this proprietary software is problem by itself (as are other forms of informatics that put control of your information in hands of somebody else) and use free software instead. It's not an isolated event with proprietary software, it's just a sample of the practical effects of something worser. These pages (1, 2) mentions some other examples like this.

Iscritto: 07/05/2014

They are only backing away from this situation because they got caught, it makes you wonder how many other proprietary programs out there are doing similar or worse things without the users knowledge.

Use events and issues like this to remind people of free software and what proprietary actually means. This isn't the first and it definitely won't be the last time that this happens. Just reminding people of the movement at the right time(s) alone will eventually get people interested in the message of freedom.

If it wasn't for situations like that I probably would have forgotten about the movement altogether, glad I dodged that bullet.