Trisquel is about ethics not technology or innovation

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Iscritto: 04/21/2016

Just a friendly reminder for those of you that seem anxious for new releases (and other things like chromium, android, skype, spotify, the most powerful computer you can buy, and so on) :

You may want to watch it all. But if not at least watch from minute 3:30

I think many of you should remember that the point of Free Software is not about convenience or the most shiny new features. Is about your freedom, your libertad. About Ethics.

I know knew shiny features may delight most computer users. But your freedom should be so important that you can wait a little for those things.If you are thinking Free Software is not that convenient and I will change to this non-free distro, remember: Freedom is worth the inconvenience.

So, please, stop thinking about snappy packages and begin enjoying your LIBERTAD (FREEDOM).

Also: You don't deserve updates from people fighting for your freedom. Is them who deserve a "Thank you" and a "How can I help you?". Don't think so? Well perhaps you should dedicate your life for contributing to the cause, see if you still think that after a month (if you have the balls to do that for a month without quiting).

Iscritto: 02/17/2016

They should fix the multiple keyboard layout glitch any time soon.

Iscritto: 07/05/2014

Can't like this post enough. The technology talk while nice can drown out the really important issues.

davidnotcoulthard (non verificato)

Distro releases, technology, and innovation honestly don't have much to do with each other anyway so...... (besides, the innovation would've arrived in Arch before it does to any fixed-release distro that tries to 'innovate').