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Iscritto: 07/24/2017

G'day Trisquel Forums.

I have noticed that VRMS (Virtual Richard Stallman) is missing from the Trisquel repository and would like it to be added in.

I know that Trisquel is againts installing proprietary software so that might be why it's not added in but some people do and it would be nice to check what proprietary programs are installed on the system if any.

Cheers, William5565.

Iscritto: 09/13/2010

So many different levels: Not only is VRMS a complete joke and totally inaccurate and incomplete anyway, it's also not completely not necessary. Trisquel doesn't have proprietary software (if you find any it's an accident - file a bug and it'll be fixed.) If you install such yourself you don't need VRMS to tell you what you already know you're doing.

Magic Banana

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Iscritto: 07/24/2010

it's also not completely not necessary

I believe you did not want to write the first "not".

Among the different levels, VRMS only checks whether the packages (and not software installed bypassing the package manager) are in the "non-free" section or the "contrib" section of Debian's package repository. As a consequence, VRMS reports offenses to the Debian Free Software Guidelines (not the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines)... such as documentation licensed under the terms of the GNU FDL. Writing that RMS is not "proud" of you because you use the license he wrote for documentation is outrageous!


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Iscritto: 06/19/2015

On 3/26/20 6:18 PM, name at domain wrote:
> G'day Trisquel Forums.
> I have noticed that VRMS (Virtual Richard Stallman) is missing from the
> Trisquel repository and would like it to be added in.

It's removed because it is misleading and not useful for finding out
what is free and what is proprietary.

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Iscritto: 07/19/2015

Can we replace VRMS with another program or script ? By the way i use Linux-libre kernel so i think it is %100 free software running in my pc

Iscritto: 07/17/2013

You can install Linux-Libre in any distro, Ubuntu for example. That would still leave you with the proprietary junk you had there before.

As for the machine itself, you still have the BIOS (only a few machines support Libreboot) and possibly more hardware components that run proprietary software.

This is not to demotivate you. Each baby step counts. Install linux libre, or switch to Trisquel altogether. Don't install proprietary software yourself. When possible, buy hardware compatible with free software elements (printers, laptops etc) and each baby step will take you closer to freedom. Keep up the faith!

Iscritto: 07/19/2015

Yes BIOS is proprietary i need a server that runs coreboot which i can get from vikings datacenter so this is my priority. On my laptop Acer Aspire V3-772G i run Trisquel GNU/Linux with Linux-libre kernel thanks for your help and i run free software communication clients such as keybase jami riot telegram pidgin for browser abrowser and icecat but more important is for me to join free networks as web services