Classic Theme Restorer (Customize Australis)

Restore squared tabs, appmenu, add-ons bar, small button view and more on Australis UI (Trisquel's Abrowser 29+).

It is recommended to switch to a new clean profile (or at least delete 'localstore.rdf' from profile folder) to avoid UI issues after upgrading from Abrowser 28 (and older) to Abrowser 29 (and newer).

This add-on restores squared tabs, appbutton/appmenu, bookmarks menu button, bookmarks sidebar button, history sidebar button and other buttons from Abrowser 4-28 (non-Australis) on Abrowser 29+ (Austalis UI). All buttons are fully optional. Some of them have to be moved to toolbars manually using browsers 'customize' area.

===Features & Settings (options window)===

Curved tabs (Australis default)
Squared tabs (classic)
Squared tabs (classic) (v2)
Squared tabs (australized)
Curved tabs (alternative)
=====Tabs on top "true/false"=====
Tabs on top, no [tabsontop] attribute (default)
Tabs on top + [tabsontop="true"] attribute
Tabs not on top + [tabsontop="false"] attribute
Tabs in titlebar (Abrowser about:config switch)
Tabs max-width settings
Tabs min-width settings
=====Application button / application menu=====
appbutton hidden
appbutton on toolbars
appbutton on toolbars (text only)
=====Application button / application menu color=====
blue (Aurora)
black (Nightly)
blue (Palemoon)
Alternative icons (if appbutton on toolbar)
Hide appbutons background color and borders
Add [iconsize="large"]/[iconsize="small"] attributes to #nav-bar
Small navigation toolbar buttons
Hide navigation toolbar
Movable back-forward button
Movable fullscreen controls (Windows)
Star-button in urlbar
Movable status-bar panel (CTR 1.1.8b3+)
Hide urlbars stop & reload buttons
Combine stop & reload buttons
Findbar (default position)
Findbar on top (forced)
Findbar at the bottom (forced)
Findbar on top (forced) (alternative)
Findbar at the bottom (forced) (alternative)
=====Icons / Text=====
Show icons only
Show large icons (experimental)
Icons + text
Icons + text v2 (less space between buttons)
Text only
Custom colors for tab backgrounds, text and text shadow
Classic appmenu appearance for panel ui button on tabs toolbar
Hide add-on bars close button
Fix urlbars border-radius, if needed
Alternative tab throbber animation images
Hide bookmarks menu buttons animation
Hide tab closing/opening animation (about:config switch)
Hide 'downloads complete' animation (about:config switch)
Always show 'tab close button'
Compact panel menus (bookmarks, history...)
CTR option buttons on customizing mode

====Features (not on options window)====

Enable/disable Add-on Bar (toolbar context menu)
Toggle Add-on Bar using 'Ctrl + /' btw. 'Cmd + /'
Add-on bars close button
Enable/disable 'Additional Toolbar' (toolbar context menu)
Flexible spaces
Bookmarks menu button
Bookmarks sidebar button
History sidebar button
Reload button
Stop button
Reduced urlbars min-width
Reduced browser windows min-width
Movable urlbar
Movable PanelUI button
Movable alltabs-button
Movable webrtc-status-button
Movable social-share-button

====Squared tabs====
Classic tabs option replaces 'curved default tabs' with 'squared classic tabs'.

====Tabs 'not' on top====
Simulates the removed 'tabs.onTop=false' setting from about:config and places tabs below navigation toolbar.

====Application button / application menu settings====

====Application menu toolbar button====
The appmenu toolbar button is a default toolbar menu button and can be placed on any available toolbar.

====Application button colors====
On tabs toolbar and on titlebar the appbutton can be colored orange, blue (Aurora), black (Nightly), transparent, blue (Palemoon), red, green and gray [in normal browsing mode] and purple [in private browsing mode] like on previous Windows browser versions.

The new appmenu is not an exact copy of the old one, but looks as original as possible. Some elements like 'splitmenu' are not available in Abrowser Australis anymore, so menuitem and a submenu are placed in a row now. The appmenu also misses some non-cloneable menuitems inside developer- and options submenus.

====Small nav-bar buttons====
Navigation toolbar buttons get alternative margins and paddings to simulate small icon view.

====Hide 'Navigation Toolbar'====
Hiding nav-bar might be interesting after its items get moved to other toolbars.

===='Add-on Bar'====
A toolbar at windows bottom simulates the 'old' add-on bar. All movable buttons and items can be placed on it. Add-on bar can be accessed through toolbars context menu (right-click on an existing toolbar) or can be toggled using 'Ctrl+/'.

===='Additional Toolbar'====
Another toolbar below top toolbars, where buttons and items can be moved to. It can be accessed through toolbars context menu (right-click on an existing toolbar).

====Findbar on top or at the bottom====
Forces findbar to be displayed on top or at the bottom.

====Icons + text====
Display text below toolbar buttons.

====Text only====
Replace toolbar button icons with text.

====Bookmarks menu button====
The bookmarks menu button is a default 'toolbar menu button'. On personal toolbar its label and icon are visible.

====Bookmarks sidebar button====
The bookmarks sidebar button toggles the bookmarks sidebar.

====History sidebar button====
The history sidebar button toggles the history sidebar.

====Back-forward, reload and stop buttons====
Browsers default buttons got merged with urlbar and cannot be moved to different toolbar positions or to different toolbars. CTB recreates these buttons.

====Combined reload-stop button====
Place stop and reload buttons in that order on any toolbar and enable the corresponding option on CTRs preference window. Hover the option on options window to get extra information.
Toolbar: [something]...[stop-button][reload-button]...[something]

====Spaces and flexible spaces====
A couple of toolbar items simulate spaces and flexible spaces. They can be moved to toolbars like toolbar buttons using browsers customize menu.

====Known 'issues'/'glitches'/extra info====
Application menus 'cut', 'copy' and 'paste' buttons do not always work like they should.

1) Do not install this add-on on pre-Australis Abrowser (4-28). It is not intended to be used with older versions and will certainly break some parts of the UI or not work correctly at all.
2) This add-on was made for browsers default theme and will certainly break parts of the UI especially tabs, but additional buttons and their options could work fine (untested!).

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